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The Real Fall of Rome – Oliver DeMille

Why it Isn’t What Most People Think, and Why it is Essential Knowledge For All of Us When I finished reading Livy’s history of early Rome this summer, I was still excited about Roman history and went looking for other books on the topic. I found a lot of mediocre books and a few good ones. And also one great one! At the same time, I received … [Read more...]

The Rising Aristocracy in America – and How to Stop It by Oliver DeMille

In the past year there has been an amazing rash of articles on the increase of aristocratic attitudes in American society and culture. For example, school admissions are struggling with the sense of entitlement many families and other groups now feel, and major theme parks like Disney and Universal Studios have responded to affluent ticket … [Read more...]

Understanding the Constitution by Oliver DeMille

A 5-Week Course Taught by Oliver DeMille with Guest Presenter Orrin Woodward Register by August 15th to get the early-bird discount of $199. Course fee will be raised to $249 after August 15th. This 5-Week Class will run from August 29th thru September 26th, and the audio and materials will be sent to you by email every Thursday evening. Each … [Read more...]

A Hero’s Freedom and Freedom’s Heroes

Author Paul Johnson wrote, “How do we recognize the heroes and heroines of today? "First, by absolute independence of mind, which springs from the ability to think everything through for yourself, and to treat whatever is the current consensus on any issue with skepticism. "Second, having made up your mind independently, to act – … [Read more...]

Why the “Five Laws of Decline” are Behind the Recent Scandals

By Orrin Woodward & Oliver DeMille Americans are both outraged and energized over headlines highlighting scandals in Washington related to the Benghazi tragedy and the IRS targeting of conservative groups. But there is a bigger concern at play in these events. It's something very few people are talking about, although it underpins and links … [Read more...]

Uncommon Sense: A Common Citizen’s Guide to Rebuilding America Hardcover

By Stephen Palmer Hardcover, 256 Pages Download a Free Sample Purchase the digital version here for $7.99. Description “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” –Thomas Paine In 1776, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense showered sparks on the tinder of revolution. With the signing of … [Read more...]

Why America is in Decline

People often compare America’s decline with the fall of Rome or the Ottoman Empire. Another apt parallel to our time can be found in the British experience with the American Revolutionary War. The British Army and Navy was much bigger, more well-trained, and more highly funded than the Continental Army, and most observers -- on both sides … [Read more...]

A Lone Voice Crying in the Wilderness of Economics

Editor's Note: The following is an excerpt from Orrin Woodward's book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for Life. Ludwig Von Mises, an Austrian economist, stood for truth against the economic trends of his day. He defended free enterprise and classic liberalism when nearly all were stumbling over each other to receive perks and preferment offered by … [Read more...]

FreedomShift: 3 Choices to Reclaim America’s Destiny

By Oliver DeMille Download the First 4 Chapters Get the digital version for $7.99 here. Description Americans who are so demonstrably willing to labor and sacrifice for the benefit of their posterity can only allow the destruction of the forms that protect our freedoms if they do not understand what freedom is, nor how to maintain … [Read more...]


By Oliver DeMille The Year We Failed America...and How to Recover Her for Good Three critical events in 1913, followed by a corresponding event in 1936, together struck a resounding blow to America’s freedom. In fact, they triggered the greatest turning point away from freedom in modern times. What were these dangerous events? Why do so … [Read more...]