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The Article of the Year! by Oliver DeMille

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by Oliver DeMille The Best... Last week Rachel asked me if I was going to write a “best books of the year” article like I have the last few years. “I’m not sure,” I sighed. “To tell the truth, I think it’s getting a little old. I see ‘best books,’ ‘best movies,’ ‘best albums,’ of the year, etc. in most of the national magazines and newspapers … [Read more...]

The Law of Liberty by Oliver DeMille

When freedom is reduced for some, it is reduced for all. American founding father James Otis said in 1764, “The Parliament cannot make two and two, five…. Should an act of Parliament be against any of his [the Creator’s] natural laws, their declaration would be contrary to eternal truth, equity and justice, and consequently void.”[i] One of the … [Read more...]

The Bad Guy in America


by Oliver DeMille Question: "How much of the First Amendment would you like us to ignore?"  Answer: "How many lives would we want to save?" --State of Affairs television debut The Enemy? Almost every police drama and movie has a similar bad guy. The hero, usually a dedicated police officer or government agent with a painful personal past … [Read more...]

The Age of Gridlock!


(Why It Is Actually Good for America) Pointing or Passing Now that the 2014 midterm elections have been held, the whole political apparatus in the United States is gearing up for the 2016 presidential election. What does this mean for the next two years? Here’s what to expect: Hillary Clinton will now run against the Republican Congress. This … [Read more...]

Fixing Congress

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A Broken System A recent article in Esquire magazine outlined how badly Congress is broken (November 2014 issue). It quoted current Congressmen from both parties who went to Washington to make a difference and find themselves deeply frustrated with what they can only describe as a broken system. Anyone who watches or reads the news on a regular … [Read more...]

What is Government? Part II: The Visa/Mastercard Solution

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Just Try It In response to my article about Government is Force (where I mentioned that government was created mainly to protect our inalienable rights and that to do this it must focus almost entirely on law enforcement and national security and not get distracted on other things), a number of people asked about services and infrastructure like … [Read more...]

What Is Government?

(the short answer) What Must Be Understood I’m going to keep this very short, so it can be passed on to as many people as possible. It is extremely important, and every free person in the modern world needs to understand this! Here goes: Many modern Americans don’t understand what government is. The huge problem with this is that since they … [Read more...]

Reconsidering the White House – Oliver DeMille


The United States doesn't get very many great presidents, only about three per century. That's surprising to most people. But it's exactly what the American framers wanted. If we take a deeper look, it actually makes sense. The American Framers didn't write the Constitution with the goal of always putting the nation’s top leaders in the … [Read more...]

The New Ivy League – Oliver DeMille


The day of turning a college degree into a ready job and high pay is over. That was then. The new economy is different now, and many graduate schools are taking note. For example, The New York Times reported: "On a spring afternoon at Michigan State University, 15 law students are presenting start-up proposals to a panel of legal scholars … [Read more...]

The “BIG” Problem by Oliver DeMille


The "BIG" problem isn't just hugely important, it's also the incredible set of challenges that are created when any institution, organization, or endeavor is just plain too big. This problem is predictable, and therefore solvable, but only if the right people are keeping an eye on the right things. Specifically, our modern government is too … [Read more...]