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State Power Versus Social Power – Orrin Woodward

Human societies are in never-ending struggle between the forces seeking to optimize State Power and those seeking to optimize Social Power. The gain for one is the loss of the other. Accordingly, the reason society finds it so difficult to rest the Power Pendulum in concord is that these two forces wage an endless war within society. … [Read more...]

“The Book of the Decade”: Resolved by Orrin Woodward

by Oliver DeMille What if there were an award for “The Book of the Decade”? It would celebrate the most important book of the past ten years, the one that could have made, and still could make, the most positive difference in the world. If there were such an award, I know what my pick would be. Some books deeply matter. They change their … [Read more...]

A Review of Launching a Leadership Revolution by Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady

As a fan of leadership books, I try to read everything that comes out in this field. Unfortunately, reading hundreds of books on the same topic means there is seldom something really new—fresh, exciting, revolutionary that uplifts the entire genre. The last such surprise for me came several years ago in the writings of Steve Farber. But now, … [Read more...]

Fixing Congress

A Broken System A recent article in Esquire magazine outlined how badly Congress is broken (November 2014 issue). It quoted current Congressmen from both parties who went to Washington to make a difference and find themselves deeply frustrated with what they can only describe as a broken system. Anyone who watches or reads the news on a regular … [Read more...]

A Huge Shift is Coming to America – Oliver DeMille

We entered a new cycle of history during 2013. Like any cycle, this one started small. But it is growing quickly, and it is already swaying the future. To understand this, let's briefly go back to the beginning -- when this cycle was first described. In 1836, even before Alexis de Tocqueville finished his famous classic, Democracy in … [Read more...]

What’s Really Happening to Our Nation? -Oliver DeMille

It happened on the same day. Two people, who as far as I know don't know each other, asked me the same question. Or, to be more precise, they asked two different questions that have the same answer. In truth, this is a question that a lot of Americans have on their mind right now. Many of them don't even realize it, but every time they watch … [Read more...]

The Big Lie in America – Oliver DeMille

The Big Lie dominates Washington and much of our American culture. The lie, in a nutshell, argues that as government increases regulation, our society improves. This lie has lasted a long time, mainly because our society is divided between two versions of The Big Lie. The Democratic version contends that as the government increases regulation on … [Read more...]

Why Washington Can’t Be Fixed, But America Can – Oliver DeMille

The problems in Washington D.C. aren't going to be fixed, because Washington is the problem. One fundamental way Washington operates is incompatible with freedom, prosperity, and common sense. Specifically, Washington today is caught in the rut of post bellum auxilium, and there is little chance of this changing any time soon. This phrase … [Read more...]

How to Understand Budgets and Treaties – Oliver DeMille

The feedback is coming in, and a lot of people who are newly reading treaties and government budgets are asking some really great questions. Mostly they boil down to two main things. First A lot of people are struggling to really understand how government finances and currencies work. This isn't surprising. Lenin is credited with saying that … [Read more...]

When the Government Lies – Oliver DeMille

There's lots of talk right now about the people losing trust in government. The current wisdom seems concerned that this is a bad development, that the government can only continue to grow and expand if the people trust what it is doing. As Orrin Woodward and I recently wrote, the American founders thought the people should strongly mistrust … [Read more...]