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The Only Thing That Can Save America

For the last few years we have been promoting entrepreneurship as one of the most important ways that regular citizens can make a difference in the cause of liberty.

Those of us involved with the Center for Social Leadership are striving to do our part by building several businesses between us.

Stephen Palmer recently spoke at a convention of direct marketing entrepreneurs and explained why he’s passionate about entrepreneurship.

Although the speech was directed to a specific audience, the message is universally important for those who feel called to protect and promote freedom.

Here’s the video of that speech, which explains in detail why entrepreneurship is vital for the future of America:

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  1. Robby Winterton says:

    Go make a lot of money in order that you might then have the leisure time to care about freedom. Is that the message in a nutshell?

  2. Hunting.Targ says:

    Pretty much. Because statutory freedom, the freedom accorded by law, doesn’t mean much to the individual without -actuarial- freedom, which is the -means- to do what you choose to do. I can decide I want to go to Hawaii, and according to the laws of the land (at least, of last century), I have the freedom to do that. But if I ‘don’t have the money’ (an ever more common phrase these days), or I can’t get to an airport because I don’t have access to transportation, then I am not free in the most practical, literal sense. Popular knowledge says “money makes the world go ’round.” It’s true at the individual level, not just the national or global level. In a modernized world full of technological and economic interfaces, we need money to run our lives. The larger our interests and concerns tend to be, the more we find that we need wealth and means to address those concerns. The ability to simply ‘live off the land’, and barter or deal in handshakes as was done in the agrarian age is gone for most of us. So we find that wealth, property, and liberty are all connected.

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The Only Thing That Can Save America