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Two Reasons Why We Keep Losing the Freedom Battle -Oliver DeMille


Why does government keep growing, no matter who we elect, no matter which party is in charge? Why do freedom lovers, those who truly want limited, Constitutional government, continue to lose the battle? There are two answers. First, the freedom battle loses -- year after year, election after election, decade after decade -- because it is … [Read more...]

The Cure for the Sickness of El Dorado – Stephen Palmer


When the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés arrived in the Americas in 1504, the territory governor offered him a land grant. He scoffed, "I came to get gold, not to till the soil like a peasant." He, like hundreds of adventurers and treasure-seekers, was bedazzled by tales of gold and treasure. Over the next two centuries, invaders obsessed … [Read more...]

The Media Maxim – Oliver DeMille


There is a rule called "The Media Maxim," which tells us what is really going on our modern world and current events. Most people have no idea how important this rule is. The reason for this is simple. Most people don't get their views on events from the right sources, and we don't deeply think about things. Not as deeply as we should. … [Read more...]

The Counterintuitive Trick to Finding Your True Purpose – Stephen Palmer


This is a story involving: A. a woman struggling to define and commit to a purpose, B. a window cleaning business, C. George Washington, D. water ripples and honeybees, E. a Latin word, F. and what you can accomplish when you choose a purpose and stay in motion. Exhibit A: Woman Trying to Find Purpose “But what if I pick the wrong … [Read more...]

Two Kinds of Citizens – Oliver DeMille


Last summer I wrote an article venting my disappointment that the majority of Americans said they felt fine about being spied on by their government. They've had over six months to think it over, and they've changed their mind. Now over 70 percent of Americans dislike government spying on its people and believe it should stop the … [Read more...]

Why Yoda Was Tragically Wrong – Stephen Palmer


Yoda, wrong was he. Frustrated with Luke Skywalker’s attitude during their training, Yoda shakes his head and says, “Always with you it cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say? You must unlearn what you have learned.” Luke considers and says with little conviction, "All right, I'll give it a try." "No!" Yoda exclaims. "Try not. Do or … [Read more...]

Free Versus Freebie – Oliver DeMille


Reading dictionaries is fun. I especially like the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), along with its two companions, the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, and the Compact Oxford Thesaurus. Seriously, this isn't nerdy at all. It's really entertaining. For example, my brother Will told me the other day that he had an interesting experience. He … [Read more...]

America’s Great Degeneration – Oliver DeMille


Speaking of how the government runs its finances today, historian Niall Ferguson wrote: "The present system is, to put it bluntly, fraudulent. There are no regular published and official balance sheets. Huge liabilities are simply hidden from view. Not even the current income and expenditure statements can be relied upon. No legitimate business … [Read more...]

The Only Thing That Can Save America


For the last few years we have been promoting entrepreneurship as one of the most important ways that regular citizens can make a difference in the cause of liberty. Those of us involved with the Center for Social Leadership are striving to do our part by building several businesses between us. Stephen Palmer recently spoke at a convention of … [Read more...]

The Single Best Way to Unleash Your Greatness – Stephen Palmer


The young business owner sighed in frustration and stood up from beside the bed where he had been kneeling. Once again, he had desperately asked for guidance, and once again, nothing had come to him. His father had founded the company in 1952, but had died in 1980, leaving him in charge of the frail business at the age of thirty. His … [Read more...]