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5 Steps for Overcoming the Crippling “Bystander Effect” – Stephen Palmer


Given the choice, Kitty Genovese would rather not have become the subject of social psychology research. As she was returning home from work on March 13, 1964, Kitty was approached by a man who attacked and stabbed her. She screamed repeatedly for help. At least a dozen people heard her screams, but it took a full thirty minutes before … [Read more...]

The “BIG” Problem by Oliver DeMille


The "BIG" problem isn't just hugely important, it's also the incredible set of challenges that are created when any institution, organization, or endeavor is just plain too big. This problem is predictable, and therefore solvable, but only if the right people are keeping an eye on the right things. Specifically, our modern government is too … [Read more...]

Why Miley Cyrus Eclipses Suffering Orphans – Stephen Palmer


There's a reason why Miley Cyrus rakes in money hand over fist while my friend Ed can barely scrape together any money to fund an orphanage in Uganda, Africa. After helping his son complete an Eagle project improving an orphanage in Uganda, my friend Ed was moved to continue helping the orphanage. He came home and began soliciting donations, … [Read more...]

A Missing Piece of Entrepreneurship – Oliver DeMille


I write a lot about entrepreneurship, even though my main focus is freedom. The reason for this is simple: free nations are always nations with a strong entrepreneurial sector. There are no exceptions in history. Put simply, the great free nations of human experience had a flourishing free enterprise. This was true in ancient Athens and … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why It Is Wrong To Be Poor – Stephen Palmer


Do you want to be wealthy? In the personal finance seminar I teach, I start with that deliberately-worded question, which very quickly and effectively reveals participants' perspectives on and relationship with money. I'm fascinated by how conflicted people are about money. Some profess their belief that money is evil. Others claim they … [Read more...]

The Three Economies: Why the Middle-Class Has Stagnated – Oliver DeMille


There are three economies in modern society. They all matter. But most people only know about two of them. They know the third exists, in a shadowy, behind-the-scenes way that confuses most people. But the first two economies are present, pressing, obvious. So people just focus on these two. A couple of recent conversations brought these … [Read more...]

When All Else Fails…


The seeds of many plant species are impervious to water and gas, thus preventing germination. The outer husks of these seeds are so hard that you can throw them against a brick wall and they bounce off, unharmed. Water cannot access the seed within the husk. So how do they germinate and sprout? How is their life liberated, their potential … [Read more...]

Were the Founders Lawyers? – Oliver DeMille


"You frequently mention that free nations have a lot of entrepreneurs," my friend said. "But I've been studying the American Founding era and it turns out that many of the framers were lawyers. Why don't you tell people that a lot more of us should go into law?" It was a good question, so I nodded my head. "You're right, but there is one big … [Read more...]

Grin and Bear It – Stephen Palmer


If life isn't tough, you're doing something wrong. Life was meant to be tough, and you were meant to grin and bear it. You were created to face fear and beat it into submission. You are given challenges to prove to yourself that you are equal to the task. Trials are Father's way of saying, "I believe in you." There is an easy path through … [Read more...]

The Real Story Behind the Current Political Shift – Oliver DeMille


Washington doesn't get it. The news programs for the past few weeks have been talking about the "Political Earthquake" signaled by the latest primary elections. Tea Party candidates have won a few surprising races, and the media isn't sure how to explain it. They're labeling it a new Tea Party resurgence, harbinger of a new Republican … [Read more...]